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You are more than your career. Yet finding your next role is a defining moment for your personal path. Whether your concern is confidentiality, the time to dedicate to a search, or you're just getting started in your career, Recruit Bit provides an individualized approach customized to your goals.

Just as you continually hone your technical skill set, we focus on continuous process improvement and staying informed on the ever changing technological landscape.

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We consider our clients on both sides of the hiring porcess. Recruit Bit was formed as an evolved solution in technical recruiting, with a process focused on three key elements: people, teams, and technology. This detailed approach responds to the unique circumstances facing each job seeker and hiring manager. Every search we perform is a customized solution, and often we already know someone to recommend.

Most agencies play the numbers game, figuring that operating in volume will lead to success. Others rely entirely on spamming technical talent without being knowledgeable and active within the industry. At Recruit Bit we know that people are more than their resumes, and successful teams are built by more than just filling seats.

Additionally job postings often advertise far too many technical details, leaving organizations vulnerable for years by providing scammers an outline of challenges and infrastructure. By engaging Recruit Bit, rather than displaying vulnerabilities, your recruiting process proceeds securely with a time sensitive and targeted advantage.

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Recruit Bit specializes in IT Security talent recruiting solutions to connect professionals with careers in a full range of positions from infrastructure to development. We operate as a strategic partner with our clients, striving to be both people and technology fluent, focused on finding talent where talent lives.

While we provide solutions nationwide Recruit Bit is focused on Arizona and the success of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Additionally our Talent Strategist operates as a member of Arizona Infragard, a coalition with the FBI.

Recruit Bit supports the efforts of the Arizona Statewide Cyber Workforce Consortium, formed by CPLC and Cyber Security Canyon by serving as the Co-Chair of the Apprenticeships & Workforce Development Initiative while leading projects including the advancement of women in cybersecurity in Arizona.

We operate in partnership with the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range as the solely authorized Range Recruiters. We provide Range attendees with a buffer from unwanted solicitations as well as giving time as a presenter on resume writing, interviewing, and career planning. Hundreds of cybersecurity professionals have heard us speak on "Hacking Hired": defining & working the vectors to the end goal of receiving the offer.


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